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Phobia Trailer Radhika Apte. This is my reaction to a very professional horror movie known as phobia that has the super talented Radhika Apte starring in it. So it said, she's scared to go outside and she's scared to stay inside, so she basically has no chance whatsoever in this Phobia Trailer starring radhika apte. So this is a bollywood movie in hindi i suppose, so this phobia trailer hindi shows how to build up atmosphere really. I hope you will go see the movie when it's released because judging from this Phobia Trailer in as I assume hindi it looks like Radhika Apte does an insane job acting, so good job every one! Link to the no reaction original Phobia Trailer Radhika Apte : Link to my twitter where you can tweet me almost anything, but of course it does not have to be related to his Phobia Trailer in hindi or about the great actress Radhika Apte, feel free to tweet about whatever you want, like movie and such - Really cool phobia trailer i've got to say, I hope they have english subtitles if they have the actual phobia movie in hindi since the whole scene seems so from Radhika Apte acting. Therefore my reaction shows I really did enjoy this Phobia Trailer and I'm happy it didn't need subtitles because the trailer hindi it was in, so very nice job. I got scared at the end of this Phobia Trailer if you saw it.

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